We'd like introduce you to our new resident guest blogger, Christine (@ccarforo). As an east coast native, she will be out and about the busy city of New York  and everywhere in between giving us her take on art and culture, style and so much more good stuff. This week she walks us through the lovely city of Allston, MA for the final time before she moves back to The Big Apple.

There is something beautiful about the juxtaposition of a gorgeous piece of art in a run down area. Street artists, like Banksy & Shepard Fairey, started this initiative, using their art in public spaces to bring awareness to places that the community has ignored. It encourages the public to pay attention to their surroundings and be a part of community improvement.

This past weekend my friend Dana, visited me in Boston, as I bid farewell to this chapter in my life. I moved to Boston after college, got my first design job, lived in the city, and had a lot of early life milestones. I will be moving to New York next month, and will be working for a small design studio in SoHo. Before I leave, Dana and I decided to do one more shoot exploring the ins and outs of the city.

We localized our explorations to Allston, Massachusetts, the hipster city in Boston made up of a lot of the college students/artists. This liberal community supports the arts in all aspects, from music, to literature, to fine art. Artists are commissioned to paint murals in this city, to make this less manicured part of the city more beautiful. We also found simple solid painted walls in contrast to murals, that added some nice minimalism and diversity to the shoot.

We choose Allston Village to explore their Allston Mural Project. Boston commissioned this project to help bring innovation to the city and help to bring a sense of community to the village by bringing public art to the streets. The murals ranged from abstract city views, to floral designs, to typography, to portraits, and nature scenes. We tried to capture the energy from the art on the wall and reflect that in how we interacted with the wall.

For this adventure, I wore my white low-top chucks. These are great city shoes, that I wear on my adventures that involve walking/city adventures. Converse are shoes I do not mind getting dirty, and they develop more character the more lived in they are. Because the walls were so complex and detailed, a simpler palette for shoes clothing provided the focus on the art. Dana, wore fringe Minnetonkas, which is more expressive of her style. The shoes matched her ochre sweater creating a more natural palette.

While walking through Allston, we ended up finding a lot of murals/solid painted walls we did not have on our map, which added an exciting sense of discovery to the day. There is always an unexpected delight that happens when you find something that you are not planning for, which was the best take away from the adventure.

Till next time.