We recently caught up with Alexandra Grant, creator of fashion blog, To Vogue or Bust, as she made her way through London with fellow fashion blogger and friend Alicia Fashionista. Check out her adventures as she travels around the big city.  

I’ve done my fair share of travelling and while I don’t mean to toot my own horn, I’ve become pretty damn good at this whole packing thing if I do say so myself. Travelling with the absolute wrong things alone for a few months years ago was really good training ground for developing a surefire packing strategy, and I’ve learned it really all starts with the right footwear. is my go-to for all things footwear so naturally, they were who myself and Alicia turned to when we were taking off for London. With the perfect shoes on hand, we never felt like we were running out of killer looks over our whole two weeks, and today we’re giving you just a sampling of our whole London adventures, complete with a video in addition to our snaps! Click through to see it all!

Give this video above a play and you’ll not only get a dose of Brit style from both Alicia and I over our whole trip, but you’ll also get a small sense of just how much fun this trip was. We’re still laughing about all of the ridiculous things that happened over the two weeks we had taken off, absorbing the amazing experiences we had and of course, going over all of our photos (that’s the thing about two bloggers traveling together—so much media!). Below is a quick sampling of my favorite looks though—make sure you stop by Alicia’s to see hers today too!   TVOB_10   Pictured above: Frye "Janis Shield Short" boots  

This was our first full day in London and of course, we wanted to beeline it to Notting Hill and all its fantastic rows of pastel houses. These Frye Janis Shield ankle boots were worn to bits all trip. We kicked off the whole adventure pairing these with a casual but femme (and slightly retro) skirt-and-striped-shirt combo, which felt like a perfect way to start the fun.



Pictured above: Frye "Patty Gore" ankle boots

I thought these Patty Gore ankle boots from Frye would only make appearances on nights out but surprisingly, they were definitely a top contender for Most Worn (and consequently, Most Loved). They are unbelievably comfy and added a rock ’n’ roll edge to this layered look (it was freezing!).



Pictured above: Frye "Phillip Chelsea" boots

You just can’t go to London and not get a couple shots in with Big Ben. It’s such an iconic place, and being able to stand in that area in Westminster to take in all the history all around you is pretty incredible. It was a bit of a soft day so going for comfort (without sacrificing style thanks to all the pieces’ classic elegance) was key, and my fave Chelsea boots from Frye were the perfect addition to the whole look.



 Pictured above: Fry "Shield" boots

After quite literally stumbling upon the changing of the guards at Buckingham Palace (of course, we would somehow manage to just happen upon something that all the other tourists in London had penciled in, we’re not the most “together” pair at times), we decided to meander into Green Park on this beautiful sunny day. My Janis Shield boots from Frye came out yet again—they’re just the perfect combo between casual and chic thanks to the lift you get from the stacked heel. Classic all the way in stripes, camel and black, letting these stunning boots do the talking!    


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