Last time I went outfit shopping with my children this is how things went down:
Put kids in stroller. Wheel them around the store while I toss items on top. Swat at childs hands as they attempt to pull down a clothing rack. Bribe them crackers and cookies to behave. Proceed to the dressing room. Wait an extra 15 minutes for a stall that will hold me and my double stroller. Finally get into the change room only to have children totally meltdown. Try on items as fast as humanely possible while kids scream. Get all frazzled and leave.
Does this sound familiar to anyone else? Seriously. I surrender! You know how I do a lot of my shopping now? Online! Items get shipped to my house, I try them on and whatever doesn’t work gets returned (but usually I’m pretty good at picking stuff that’ll work.)
Last month I got an email from asking if I’d like to give their site and services a try. Perfect opportunity for me to get a new pair of summer sandals without having to cart my kids off to the mall! Though I’m not someone who has a million pairs of shoes in her closet, I live in sandals during the summer! I have more wedges and flip flops then any other kind of shoe!
I immediately narrowed down my search to an open toed shoe, chose my size and began clicking through page after page of shoes. Wedges, flats, high heel; this was not going to be easy. I finally decided on a pretty pair of wedges by Earth Women that were pretty and boasted extreme comfort. Perfect! They arrived at my door within a week and fit me like a glove! It was nice to know that even if they didn’t, ShoeMe does FREE returns and exchanges! I always look for that in regards to shopping online since it ends up being hassle free for me.
I was able to pair them up with one of my favorite dresses as well as a few more casual outfits. Ah how I love versatility! As promised, they are extremely comfortable and I can easily wear them all day long. Definitely an important feature for me.
Over all I’d say I was really happy with my shopping experience on .There were several other pairs I easily could have spent money on and my husband found a few shoes he loved too. Great customer service and fast shipping! I’m a happy shopper :)

PS – I noticed on their site that right now you can sign up for a $10 voucher (bottom left hand corner!) Definitely will want to take advantage of that!
*Disclosure* I received a credit to ShoeMe in order to order a sample and facilitate a review. The opinions expressed are completely my own.*
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