The John Fluevog showroom and studio truly feels like the beating heart of the brand. Members of the Fluevog team work amidst walls upon walls of shoes with an easy going air of purpose and mindfulness. While remaining true to tradition and the brand's distinct style, Fluevog is always looking forward and diving into new methods of innovation and collaboration.  From building virtual communities of open source collaboration to a physical in-studio wall dedicated to displaying a timeline from today's styles to next year's, Fluevog is constantly engaging their customers in their evolution. We stopped by the showroom last week to have a chat with John Fluevog about innovation, their roots, and what the future has in store for Fluevog.

From the 1970's to today, what would you say have been the key elements at play in influencing your signature style? 

Different things at different times. It’s all been about creative expression at certain moments in time.  One of the first shoes I designed back in the 80’s is one we still sell today – The Pilgrim. It’s Victorian-inspired, quite fitting for the era, and fit into the punk rock and grunge flavour of the time. 

After designing such distinct footwear for over 40 years, what provides the inspiration for your new pieces? 

I’m regularly inspired by a great number of different things, whether it be shapes, patterns, individuals, objects, or things I see in my dreams. We have some new pieces coming out this fall, the Rock Stars, that I’m very proud of and excited to have out there. The heels are completely unique and resemble those stacked pebbles you’ll sometimes see at the beach. 

You are very active in fostering a community of creativity and collaboration with your initiatives for Open Source Footwear and open source advertising.  Why is that so important to you?  

I think it stems from the fact that I believe everyone has the ability to be more creative than they think and that we should embrace these gifts. Open Source Footwear and Fluevog Creative are ways that we can help foster different kinds of creative expression, and for me, it’s both inspiring and heartwarming to see the brilliance and variety of ideas we get from our community of Fluevogers on a regular basis. 

What do you think the future holds for John Fluevog?

Well I hope that we can continue to create unique soles for unique souls. That’s really been my core vision all along and it would be lovely to be able to share that philosophy with even more shoe-lovers on an international scale. Maintaining an original point of view is something I think we emulate in the shoes we design and the way we run our business, and to have that inspire others is a wonderful thing I hope we can continue to grow and achieve.  


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