Last week at SHOEme HQ we decided to get our hands dirty (glittery) and personalize some white canvas shoes! In this post we will provide tips, suggested materials, and inspiration for your own project. 

Tip #1: Sketch out an idea for your shoes. This will prevent you from buying out an entire Michael's craft store. You can find inspiration on that magical portal into the world of DIY--Pinterest, or from your favourite fashion blogs or shoe designers. After all, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery! 

Tip #2: Make a list of everything you need beforehand. Nothing puts a damper on a DIY session like missing supplies.

Suggested materials:

fabric glue fabric paint
hot glue gun sharpies
masking tape glitter
paper plates sequins/sequined ribbon
fine paint brushes felt
paint/glue sponges iron on studs
an iron assorted cord

Tip #3: Lay down some newspaper or other scrap paper to protect all surfaces from sharpies, glue, and rogue glitter! You'll thank us later.

Tip #4: When coating a large area in glitter, mix the glitter into the fabric glue on a paper plate before applying it to the shoe. This ensures a solid application of glitter and makes it less likely that you will trail sparkles wherever you go. 

Tip #5: To paint clean, straight lines such as the red nautical stripes seen on the shoe above, we suggest applying masking-tape directly to the shoe as a guide.

Tip #6: Forget the paint for small details--fine point sharpies are best for drawing on the rubber edge of the sole, like the hand-drawn vine print on these toddler shoes.

Tip #7: Iron-on studs are an easy way to make a big impact and toughen up tiny toes! Use extra caution when ironing on a curved surface.

Tip #8: Attach DIY appliques in a single piece. To make this cute pair of winking slip-ons: we cut our eye shapes out of felt, glued the layers together with fabric glue, let the eye dry, and then glued the eye to the shoe's canvas toe. The eyelashes are made of a flat, synthetic cord secured with fabric glue.


Tip #9: Our top tip is to not let a lack of inspiration stop you before you begin! Once you have your supplies in hand, creativity will find you.

Go forth and DIY!

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