Last week we stopped by the Flojos showroom in Vancouver to check out the classic flip flop brand that first made waves in 1979. Flojos remains synonymous with sunshine and surf culture to this day. Since we have been enjoying unseasonably warm, dry weather in the Pacific Northwest; it felt like the perfect opportunity to stroll the local seawall in our Flojos and dig into the brand's history.

The lifestye of seaside Californians is envied the world over. How does the Flojos brand epitomize Californian culture?

Flojos literally means “kick-back” in Spanish and I think that says it all. The brand prides itself on comfort, which makes it easy to slip into the laid-back California beach lifestyle. Flojos has a wide range of easy styles that can be worn at the beach or out to dinner, and is driven by the ease and freedom of a “kick-back” state of mind.

The original Flojos were inspired by a traditional sandal design in Mexican culture. How is this legacy important to the Flojos brand?

The original rubber crisscross sandal really put Flojos on the map for beachcombers around the world. The style was popular throughout the 40’s and when Flojos launched the style in 1979, surfers everywhere took a liking to the style and the ease of the fit. This style is now recognized as a Flojos staple and we continue to sell them all over the world 36 years later!

Flojos sponsors several American surfers. Are there any great success stories among the Team Riders?

Surfer Paul Pence recently scored his 6th Championship at the Surfrider/CSF championships! He has been a great supporter of Flojos for years.


As a brand that has been around for more than 30 years, how does Flojos stay relevant?

I think the constant evolution of any brand is important. Flojos began with one men’s style and today has a full range of women’s and kids' styles. Not only do we offer simple and classic styles that will continue to be popular season after season, Flojos continues to evolve into different markets and demographics. There are so many options throughout the line for casual to dressy events, and we offer a great selection of wedding options in our higher-end Flojos division.


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