Red. White. Blue. On faces, cars, t-shirts, buildings, pets, and even food. As a group of Canadians experiencing their first 4th of July in America, we quickly found out how seriously our friends South of the border take this historic holiday - so seriously that most take July 3rd off in preparation!

For our inaugural SHOES.COM tour, we chose the traditional Seattle celebration, the Seafair Summer 4th Festival at Gas Works Park. There were lots of amazingly patriotic Yankee doodles, Uncle Sam impersonators, and some seriously messy pie-eating contests. 

Nestled on Lake Washington, Gas Works Park is recognized as a historic national site with remnants of the sole coal gasification plant in the U.S. The park wasn’t open till noon, but crowds began to line the street in the early morning eager to stake their claim on a prime firework spot . By 5 pm, approximately 50,000 people had entered the park, which meant a very busy day for the SHOES.COM community team.

With our 2015 branded Winnebago Brave as the backdrop, we offered guests a lounge to cool off and browse our website. Event goers could also charge their phones, grab summer survival items like sunscreen and lip balm, and a crowd favourite (yes spelled with a “u”) – the $25 gift card. Word spread quickly about the SHOES.COM team and our site became a high-traffic location right until the sun went down. (Or maybe it was the mini-trampoline.)

By nightfall fireworks filled the sky giving “proof thro’ the night that our flag was still there.” Besting any display we’d ever seen, the crowd roared with applause as the finale lit up Lake Union. Faces were filled with smiles and pride as everyone in that moment appreciated the freedom and liberties of the United States. The SHOES.COM team felt very connected to our neighbours on this 4thof July and can’t wait to be back for more epic #SoleSeeker events.

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