You can’t mention classic leisure wear without a nod towards Sperry and their original boat shoes. What began as a practical shoe for sailors quickly established itself as a point of reference for tastemakers off the dock. We sat down with Sperry for some insight into the heritage of this unshakeable brand.

How does the legacy of the original Sperry boat shoe (circa 1935) continue to inspire the direction of the brand?

Paul Sperry was an inventor and intrepid explorer with a passion for the sea. This continues to be the foundation of the brand. We started out with a singular shoe with a specific function, now we are a lifestyle brand holding onto the spirit of Paul Sperry and his pioneering spirit.

How did the Sperry Top-Sider become part of classic American style?

The nautical Americana look recognized today (common amongst college students and weekending East Coasters), was first established by the Kennedy family in the sixties and seventies. Their take on seaside style while on summer holidays in Cape Cod became the trademark American uniform. The requisite shoe? Sperry Top-Siders.

Tell us about the Sperry Odyssey Project.

To celebrate our 80th anniversary, Sperry is sending 80 people to visit unexpected places and try unfamiliar things, all with the goal of helping them discover more about themselves and the world about them. The catch: travelers must return with an inspirational story about their odyssey.

With the Authentic Original boat shoe, Sperry introduced a whole new style of leisure shoe to the public! How will the Sperry brand continue to make its mark?

Sperry continues to add fashion to our Authentic Original with interesting materials and on trend colour palette. We are broadening our assortment, especially in Women’s to take our customer from the boat to the street in style.  We are introducing the Paul Sperry collection which will have a deeper focus on performance, both in design and technical materials; and we are strengthening our Gold Cup premium product, rounding out the brand as a real lifestyle offering.

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