Vanessa Hong of the The Haute Pursuit is that fashion blogger that makes you stop...rewind during that long scroll through your Instagram feed over coffee in the morning. All long golden limbs and monochromatic outfits—The Haute Pursuit nails that minimalist, dreamy aesthetic that puts your head in the high fashion clouds. We had the chance to catch up with Vanessa before the flurry of Fall Fashion Week begins. Read on for more insights into Vanessa's journey as a fashion blogger, her favourite shoes as a kid, and where her private label, THP, is headed.


What first inspired you to start The Haute Pursuit?

I was working in biotech right after University when a friend introduced me to fashion blogs. Fashion had always been a dream of mine, so a blog seemed like the most natural avenue to pursue it.

You have a very unique and recognizable sense of style—how has your style evolved over time?

I grew up in a relatively small city and always wanted to ‘break out of it’ - so I expressed myself through clothes and hair. I’ve done everything you can imagine! I love fashion and the process, but realized early on that I do best with solids and simple cuts. My style is pretty consistent—at the baseline is always the idea of minimalism and restraint.


What is the most exciting part about working in the fashion industry?

The fact that it is constantly changing. Routine and constancy scare me, so in a way I was built for this. Fashion extends so far beyond just clothes and shoes—it’s as much intellectual and cerebral as it is creative. I have a lot of friends who work in the industry, many of them designers, and the cultural, historical reference they all have is incredible!

How did you differentiate your personal brand in the crowded blogosphere?

It’s hard to say exactly what it is, but I’ve always felt different. I don’t like to be boxed into anything. I also only take on projects now that really matter to me; where I know the brand and have a personal relationship with them. I also have a burgeoning online store and label, and I act as Creative Director and CEO.


You have grown a large, loyal social following. How can a fashion blogger best connect with his/her audience?

First, I’m still so blown away by the 400+ k people following me now on Instagram! It’s amazing. I love Instagram in the sense that it really connects you to your readers in that moment; literally seconds after I update I see feedback. I do my best to respond to as many comments as possible. I also respond to emails whenever I get them.

As a blogger you must have our dream closet, bursting with designer clothing. Do you wear a different outfit every day, or do you have a favourite outfit that you wear over and over?

I’m very lucky in that brands send me new pieces regularly. Because of this, I usually am wearing different things almost every day. That being said, when I’m in the office or traveling the world for THP I’m always in a work uniform that consists of leather pants, a washed-in Uniqlo mens tee and sneakers.

Is there one item in your closet that you simply adore, despite others finding it unusual?

I would probably say everything in my closet!


We all remember getting that fresh pair of kicks for that first day back at school. What was your favourite pair of shoes as a kid?

Converse without a doubt. We used to get a new pair at the beginning of the school year. I obviously DIY-ed mine and made them my own.

One trend you can’t wait to rock for FW’15?

Thigh high boots

What are your goals this year? What can we expect from The Haute Pursuit brand as it continues to grow?

For 2016 we want to expand our Label THP beyond just apparel and accessories. ‘Objects’ as we like to call them are a big goal for us. This includes iPhone cases, Tech covers, stationary and beyond. I’d also like to re-shift my focus on collaborating with more grassroots brands and up and-comers. After all that is where all the new talent lies!!


White Supergas are so classic. I have so many iterations of the ‘white sneaker’ but nothing quite beats these. 

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