Katie Goldie has been an avid outdoor seeker for as long as she's been on this earth, starting with collecting worms in the garden as a child, riding rodeo horses as a teen, to running ultra marathons and climbing some of the tallest mountains in the Canadian Rockies presently. She's been gracious enough to share some of her amazing photos and thoughts with us.

I always tell people I am an adventurer first, photographer second. I live for getting outside and travelling and making new experiences for myself. It wasn’t until recently I picked up on photography. It started with an iphone and I would click the random photo on a hike or run until I realized how much people enjoyed seeing these pictures and a new interest developed. It turned from showing people places that some have never seen before to trying to inspire others that it is possible to see these places for themselves. A good picture can convince someone to explore a new place or try something new and that’s what I find my goal is when it comes to photography.

I’ve lived by the words “You’re only as good as your equipment;” meaning if you have poor quality equipment you are going to have a poor quality experience. It goes for what I wear, to what I pack, to the type of camera I use. I’m a pretty tough cookie when it comes to suffering through weather and environmental conditions, but why suffer when you don’t have to? A better pair of shoes or a jacket that will take the chill off can make the journey much more enjoyable, it also means you can last longer outside as well. 

As a trail runner I have always lived by my Saucony trail shoes. They are super lightweight and breathable and the grip on them guards off my fear of slipping on a downhill. Getting them wet through creeks has never worried me because they dry faster than any runner I have ever used. These shoes worked so well for me that I would “retire” them to hiking trips. The freedom of the shoe was unmatched by any hiking boot I have ever worn and I made the brand my go-to shoe. That was until I tried out KEEN hiking boots.

The KEEN brand surprised me for its lightweight structure and amazing durability. As a girl who likes her shoes light, I decided to give them a try because I wanted more ankle support than a trail shoe could give me. The grip matched that of my previous shoe and I was sold. They are also much warmer, which is essential on long hikes in mixed conditions.

It’s not just the shoes that are important but also the bag in which your carry your gear. Over the years I have experienced many backpacks, the good the bad and the ugly! Climbing uphill, putting on many miles and carrying numerous pounds of gear can wreak havoc on your back, so it's important to find one that fits your needs and your body. Obviously, another key consideration is weight. These days, you can get daypacks that weigh mere ounces and give you so much freedom to move.

I could write a book on the gear I have used and will continue to use but for now that is a bit of insight into what I look for in equipment. If your feet and body stay happy you stay happy! The places your feet can take you are unimaginable.


I spend most of my time in the Canadian Rockies however I feel everyplace has amazing landscapes to discover. My favourite place is Waterton Lakes National Park, not only because it’s an hour drive from my house but the amount of day hikes and overnight hikes in the area can keep someone busy for a lifetime. It is out of the way for most travellers which makes it very quiet, another feature I adore. Most of my pictures have come from this magical area.

That being said, Banff National Park and Jasper National Park are my second favourite places to hike. They are busier places but if you ever visit you will understand why. The bluest lakes I have ever seen can be found in and around Banff and Jasper as well as some of the tallest mountains in Canada.

South Eastern British Columbia has always held a special place in my heart. Our family has a cabin in the area and I base many of my hikes from this area. I like it because there is more route finding and research I have to do to find great places to hike, however the views are just as good as any other and the satisfaction is greater from the added challenge.

One other place I cannot forget to mention is Glacier National Park in the northwest United States. Being from southern Alberta, the trip to GNP is short and the hiking is unbeatable. It seems I have a lot more exploring to do in this place but the start has been exceptional this far and I cannot wait to spend more time in this area!

There are so much more out there than what I have mentioned and I know I have yet to discover more of the best places in the world however my backyard is the start of it. We have our entire lives to discover what this magical world can provide for us and we should never take it for granted. So get outside, discover your backyard and find out why it is so important to protect this earth, oh and don’t forget to take the right gear!

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