It's easy to be a better person during summer. We all have a bit more room to move, which makes us all more tolerant and tolerable. Running outside is a thrill, not a test of endurance. And salads make sense. As we head into fall, we're looking for some new (good) habits and past-times. We've been listening to some new (and old) podcasts. We take them with on walks by ourselves, and put them on the the big speakers when we chill inside on rainy fall days. We'll be tuning in to the podcasts below for our fill of news, views and inspiration.


99% Invisible

Good design should be 99% Invisible, os so the saying goes. Roman Mars shines a spotlight each week on an aspect of our lives, our cities, and our adaptability. He brings a humanity to what is often perceived as a scientific field. And we love hearing what his sons have to say at the end of each show.



Season one of Serial focuesed on a crime and the subsequent trial, unravelling the facts for us, well, serially. It sounds kind of boring, but it's a gripping, emotional roller-coaster. It lit up the internet and changed the podcast landscape.  For those who didn't catch Season 1, there's still time to binge-listen before the second season of the award-winning podcast Serial premieres this fall.

The TED Radio Hour

The TED Radio Hour bundles up TED talks thematically into one-hour blocks. It's great to be able to hear a number of perspectives or different approaches on a given theme. One of our favourites is "Making Mistakes" which looks to see if there can be a positive side to our missteps. It features Brian Goldman, Brene Brown, Stefon Harris and Margaret Heffernon.


The Bugle

Hosted by Andy Zaltzman and John Oliver (of Last Week Tonight fame), The Bugle takes a satirical approach to news that will be familiar to viewers of The Daily Show or Last Week Tonight. The podcast now comes out in monthly installments, so it's less newsy than when it was weekly, but still a good hit of comedy and insight.



We spend a lot of time trying to eat smarter. Gastropod helps us be smarter about food. There's history, there's science, and there's food. And quite a few "aha" moments, when we realise that there's a reason behind and what we eat and the way we eat it. One of the stand out episodes for us is "Breakfast of Champions."


Happy listening.