As we’re pulling last year’s favorite boots out from the back of the cupboard, where they’ve been hibernating since the start of spring, we going to need to give them a little bit of love to revitalize them. How much love we’ll need to give them depends a little on what state we threw them in, and what we’ve thrown on top of them since.

Step one. The clean

Take a clean, dry cloth and gently wipe off any dust or dried-on dirt. For stubborn or hard-to-access areas you may want to use a block or a brush.

Use a clean cloth to apply a cleaner, like Watson’s No. 3 Cleaner & Conditioner, to help lift all the grit and fine particles from your boots. Allow the leather to dry naturally before moving on to the next step.

Step two. The protection
There are a couple of reasons we like to add a protective layer to our boots. The obvious one is that a Rain & Stain Repellent protects the leather and helps our favorite boots live to fight another day. The more truthful reason is that it means we don’t have to spend as much time cleaning our boots in the future.


Step three. The admiration

Look at your beautiful “new” boots. Instagram them. Tweet them. And, most importantly, wear them.

Step four. The bonus round
No one else will know if you don’t complete step four. This final step is one that you do just for yourself. It’s a long way for fresh air to travel to get right into the toes of some of our taller boots. So when we take a day off from sticking our toes into our boots, we like to stick in a little freshener too. Watson’s Refresher is a quick spray that cleans and deodorizes your footbeds..


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