For the most part, when going on a date, most of us have an idea of what shoes we don't want our date to be wearing -- turn offs or fashion faux pas' if you will. With that in mind, we were interested to know what guys personal first date tips were. So, we went straight to the source and asked our resident dating "expert" and SHOES.COM staff member Tyrone L. to hit us with his dos and don'ts for men's first-date shoes. 

I can still remember how I felt the moment I laced up a new pair of Jordan 3s. I can still feel the little orange basketball on the tongue of my Reebok Pumps. And I can still remember the smell of Dr. Martens leather on my navy blue lace ups. Music makes a lot of people nostalgic, but a pair of shoes brings me right back to how I felt at a very specific moment in time. A pair of shoes can define a genre, represent ideals or express an attitude. Or, they can simply help you get your foot in the door with a woman.

Back in the day, my older cousin told me “the first thing a woman notices about a dude is his shoes.” At that point, I was still worried about getting girl germs from Becky Hershfelder, but his advice must have stuck with me as I feverishly cleaned my kicks with a toothbrush after hitting puberty. Now we all know it takes more than a pair of Air Yeezy’s to make a husband, but maybe you’re not looking to put a ring on it, maybe you’re just pandering to the girl for who footwear makes that much of an impression. Zing.

"The first thing a woman notices about a dude is his shoes."

Cuz was right, your shoes are that low hanging fruit. Better make sure that apple is crisp, shiny, and the one that gets plucked off the tree.

Now the saying goes “there is someone out there for everyone,” so theoretically any shoe can at least catch the eye of one woman somewhere. Wrong! It’s hard to imagine a girl fantasizing about Ryan Gosling sweeping her off her feet decked out in some frumpy old skate shoes with fat laces and the tongues sticking out. Now I’m not saying you need to don the cover of GQ, but you can at least abide by some footwear principles that don’t immediately get you swiped left.

Relevance. A simple, but elusive principle for many guys. Know your audience, know your environment, and know your place in time. Unless you co-wrote Ni**as in Paris, you shouldn’t be wearing sneakers with a suit. Don’t roll the dice, keep high-tops for playing ball at the Y. And Teva’s? Well the GZA said it best, that’s “feminine like sandals.”

Cleanliness. Now here’s a tricky one. When it comes to dress shoes you can’t be cleanly enough, but for anything else you can’t be that psycho with a toothbrush and bleach (wait…), whose default browser hits Hypebeast. No disrespect to sneakerheads, but your shoe collection matters to .0001% of the female population. Your kicks need to be clean, but not Monica Geller clean if you know what I’m saying.

Never wear shiny black dress shoes with jeans. Don’t ask questions, you just look like a tool.

Cover your toes. You might be in the zone and find some gal with a toe fetish, but odds are your feet look like Frodo’s and they smell worse than an Orc’s. Hedge your bets and keep your little piggies indoors. When in doubt, Converse or Desert Boots with jeans that fit right does the trick. Chances are you're setting is suitable for wearing jeans, and you can’t go wrong with either of these two. The high top rule still applies until the 10th date so go low.

Adhering to these principals doesn’t make you a slam dunk, but in the least you’re a sixth man waiting to come off the bench prepped to get in the game. Now get your footwear in order.



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