ShoeMe.ca got its start at a party when a friend asked future company founder, Sean Clark,  “Where do I buy shoes online in Canada? I always want to buy online but the shipping and return hassles are a huge barrier.” 

At that moment a light bulb went off in Sean's head and he experienced one of those entrepreneurial AH-HA! Moments. Driven to solve this question, ShoeMe.ca has grown to become one of Canada's top online shoe retailers offering unmatched selection and unbeatable customer service.

Our latest brand additions include: Tsubo, Haflinger and Avia - we will be adding close to 20 brands in the next few weeks so keep your eyes peeled for our latest selections! 

Tsubo: Founded in 1997, Tsubo® is a small team of designers and craftsman who are extremely passionate about creating innovative, design-driven footwear. Tsubo creates for the design-conscious, comfort-driven individual who will settle for nothing less than the highest quality materials, substantial comfort construction and extra style points that come from choosing this brand. I would describe this brand as comfort with a fashion edge. View our selection of Tsubo boots, sandals, sneakers and more!







Avia: Calling all athletes - no matter what sport it is that you are involved in - Avia has got the shoe for you. 

Avia shoes use performance-based technologies to enhance the athlete's comfort while increasing sport-ready durability for active men and women.

Founded in 1979, Avia is a recognized leader in multisport footwear and has a proud tradition of creating great shoes for the runner, triathlete, weekend warrior, and endurance enthusiast. Avia was built on the passion to provide the best athletic shoes.

Today, Avia continues to keep up with technological advances by developing innovative shoe designs that continue to revolutionize the athletic footwear market. Tie up a pair of Avia shoes and step into innovation, comfort and performance.  

View our complete selection of Avia footwear.



When comfort is what you are craving...Haflinger is known worldwide for its wool slippers, wool felt clogs, and above all, its outstanding quality and workmanship. Haflinger footwear has been extremely well received in North America. Americans are spending more and more time at home - working, relaxing, planning, playing, exercising - and the lines between these activities continue to blur. To define the phenomenon as a trend does not suffice; the Haflinger team prefers to think of these developments as a Comfort Renaissance.

Although the recipe for reliable footwear and superior wool has not changed since the early days of Haflinger, the line has evolved its product offering to include a range of styles. ShoeMe.ca stocks a broad selection of Haflinger clogs and mules as well as Haflinger slippers.

Learn more about Haflinger clogs and slippers.


This brings us to a total of 23 brands that we carry on our site and everyday we are working on adding to our product range. Our commitment to you remains the same no matter what size we grow to – great service, speedy delivery, and the widest selection of shoes online in Canada!