Summer Grunge Styling Miz Mooz Boots and Melie Bianco Bag

Inspired by a light military trench coat that I saw online, I created this look paired with Miz Mooz Hiro Boots. Lace up heels are in for the upcoming Fall season, and fur trim never hurts. 
The center piece for this outfit would be the trench coat. The various details here slims down the arms (with the rolled up sleeves that stop at the elbow, lengthening and slimming down the arms). The adjustable waist elastic slims down the waist and creates a waist line higher above the hips to create the illusion of a slimmer mid section. Lastly, the slightly flared shape at the bottom covers up big hips. What other jacket can do that?!
Keeping it cute with black accessories and mixing in nude pink to offset the mannish military vibe - you get a casual girly outfit by staying away from jeans and black pants. The Melie Bianco Melody bag featured here is practical both for work and also stylish on your days off - a multi-functional investment!
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