ShoeMe Canada Burgundy Chic Styling for Fall 2012

As the Summer season comes to an end, Fall colours such as dark wine lips and burgundy nails are upon us. There are definitely some swoon-worthy pieces in this look, including the black and gold watch (which I am a huge fan of), and the black ankle boots that will go with absolutely anything.

One of my favourite pieces here would be the Marni Oversized Lamb Clutch ($1520 USD), a timeless piece that will go with every one-piece dress that you own, whether it's the little black dress, the little red dress, or the maxi dress for an evening out. 

Next would be the shift dress - which are a huge hit this season. The ones that are most talked reported on would be the Victoria, Victoria Beckham collection of shift dresses. although this dress isn't from that collection, it does give you an idea of why these dresses are so popular, one piece does it all - with a slimming effect with its tailored waistline.

Burgundy nail polish is also a definite Fall trend to wear, the darker the more mysterious you will appear. The pastels and neons from Summer are out! Dark shades are in.

Finally, the Miz Mooz Sabine boots from ShoeMe Canada will take you from day to night, giving shift dresses like this one a fashion forward edge, and pulling every outfit with skinny jeans together into a polished look.

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