We are officially into 2013! Time sure flies! 

What are you wearing to welcome the new year? Spring is just around the corner but the temperature is hovering around near freezing point - we do suggest sticking to big Winter coats in the meantime, even if you really want to wear Spring trends as soon as you see them on the runway. 

The look we have put together for this week is centred around the pair of gold brocade pants. When you are trying out bold pattern pants (which are still a go for Spring, albeit with more pop art patterns) we suggest toning down the rest of the outfit. Here, we have paired a peplum oxblood top and sexy black strappy heels to go with the feature piece. 

We love this simple, ladylike coat with beautiful details at the collar - it still allows you to highlight the brocade pants and helps to keep the "balance" of the total look; there are jewels near the neckline and print at the bottom of the outfit with the pants. If the coat had no details at the collar it would be too plain in comparison to the bottom half of the look. 

Try this look for a night out!