One of our team members, Eva, wears the Sanuk Kitty Hawk sidewalk surfer in yellow stripes on Kitsilano Beach, Vancouver.

It's finally March. Old man winter is leaving the building, allowing the first signs of life to appear in the natural world surrounding us, and just like the budding tulips and cherry blossoms, the tree is beginning to sprout her first leaves of the year. Without further ado, here is one of our newest brands: Sanuk!

Started by Jeff Kelley in his Southern Californian tool shed, Sanuk was inspired by equal doses of creativity and resourcefulness. Kelley's first creation, the Fur Real sandal, was made from pieces of indoor and outdoor carpeting. Now your feet never have to leave the coziness that your floor provides. I'm pretty sure that running out of carpet was the catalyst for the amazing lines of Sanuk footwear that followed: Yoga Mat Sandals, Sidewalk Surfers and the winter Chill Collection all boast many unique styles at a very reasonable price. 

Sanuk is a brand that has followed a distinct pattern since its inception: listening to how the feet respond to certain materials and using that to create really comfortable shoes. The Sidewalk Surfers were created when Kelley realized how much easier it was to use his whole foot when lifting from a step. Such forward thinking has made the Sanuk brand of shoes a very good pick for individuals seeking comfort and practicality from their footwear. 

We're very excited to now offer Sanuk shoes and sandals online at! Whether you want to prepare early for beach weather, have a cool new spring style to start the season with, or warm yourself up for the last few remaining cold nights, Sanuk can help you out: check out the collection here

Take a look at how others are wearing their Sanuks via instagram:

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