Our latest blogger ambassador Natalie Ho is challenged with styling a pair of Lacoste Bernelle Wedge Sneakers multiple ways. 

Look 1

A hint of military with the casual green jacket, a floral print shirt and a skimmer length pair of black pants. I like the bright top she has paired inside to give the overall look a spring vibe. The look is casual chic and would be perfect for a day hanging out on a patio with friends. Plus, these sneakers are a comfortable version of heels (who knew heels could be comfortable?) and lets petite girls like myself gain a little height without wearing heels. 

ShoeMe Styling Blogger Ambassador lacoste Bernelle

Look 2

Denim on denim - there are no rules. You can go for the same wash of denim for your entire outfit, or mix and match distressed light denim with dark denim (personally my favorite mix). We like what Natalie has done here and of course the double arm party she has going on for both hands. Cute and sweet.

ShoeMe Styling Blogger Ambassador Look 2

Look 3

Bright, attention-grabbing neon colours are everywhere this season. Try peeking inside of a retailer without finding a brightly coloured neon item. My personal favorites are bright orange and lime yellow, so am really digging this lasercut neon skirt she's wearing. The skull t-shirt adds a bit of spice to the look so it's not too sweet. 

ShoeMe Styling Blogger Ambassador Look3 Lacoste Bernelle

How would you wear your pair of Bernelles? Stay tuned to see more of Natalie's looks next week! If you have been inspired by these looks to get a pair for yourself to experience the cute shoes first hand, visit our store to check out these adorable Lacoste heeled Bernelle sneakers!