The rainy, winter weather is officially here and we want to make sure it doesn’t wreak havoc with our footwear.

When a new season comes around, many of us dig out our trusty favorites from last year or invest in brand new kicks. Either way, we want to make sure our shoes stay safe from any winter showers we get caught in.

1. Protect right away
After purchase, it's important to protect your shoes before you wear them outside. Once the material of the shoe is exposed to water, dirt and other elements, an opportunity to keep them looking as good as new for longer has been lost.

2. Choose the right product
Knowing the nature of the shoe material is important to ensure the right protectant product is purchased. For example, suede shoes are notoriously susceptible to staining and so a specialized product will protect them much better than a general one.

3. Clean shoes often
To ensure shoes stay rain-and-stain proof for longer, frequent cleaning is necessary. Most products will advise how often shoes need to be cleaned and re-protected. 

4. Follow the steps
Using the product correctly means that it will be more efficient when the rain comes. See above point to ensure you are protecting them as often as you should be. 

5. Be mindful
Once you rain-proof your shoes, they should be saved from any downpours you may get caught in. However, a certain level of common sense is required too, if you go for an impromptu swim in a puddle, chances are no protectant will keep your shoes in peak condition.