Finding the perfect shoe just got a whole lot easier. If you’re like us, you want a simple and easy shopping experience, where you can find products easily based on your personal style and taste. Enter Visual Filter experience. Now, instead of sifting through hundreds of styles we have no interest in, Visual Filter can find us exactly what we want, when we want it.

Partnering with Sentient Technologies, brings you the new, revolutionary way to find that perfect pair of shoes. Powered by Artificial Intelligence, our brand new Visual Filter learns which attributes appeal to you in a footwear product—style, material, detail, heel height, colour etc. and makes suggestions based upon your preferences.

Now, rather than having to set filters or manually type our search i.e. ‘hiking boots' or ‘red heels’ into a search bar, Visual Filter allows us to interact with the products directly. The site intuitively knows what we like through advanced A.I. and offers highly personalized choices that we can select or save for later.

Visual Filter has a deep, highly-detailed understanding of the shoes available in the catalog and as we click on product images, Visual Filter rapidly learns shoppers’ unique style preferences. It provides instant recommendations of available shoes, similar to the way a personal shopper in a physical store would help customers find shoes they love.

Nikki Laing, Buyer at, spoke about the changes Visual Filter will bring to our shopping experience, saying: “With the launch of Visual Filter, Sentient and are catapulting e-commerce into the age of A.I. Many consumers don’t know the best way to describe the shoes they want, but they know them when they see them! Visual Filter allows our consumers to enjoy a highly-interactive discovery process that’s as simple as pointing and clicking.  The results are so insightful, it really feels like magic.”

You can try out Visual Filter here for yourself