We're shooting in Quantam Coffee on Toronto's King St. today - is this your favorite coffee spot?

It’s a new favourite, that’s for sure! It just opened a week ago and I was lucky enough to be involved from a real estate standpoint, as a representative of the Konrad Group—who created the Quantum Coffee concept. The open area and simplicity of the coffee shop really makes it attractive for doing work.

The best part is their 3 point of sale systems. You never have to actually wait to order so it's quick - plus the seating area with tables is perfect for getting work done in a comfortable way. The designer Mahmood Popal of Maast and architect Trevor are super talented and understood how to make the space use-driven and thoughtful.

What’s with Toronto and their love of coffee?

Well, it’s cold - really cold. A hot drink that energizes you for your work day is a great fit. People work too much in Toronto, so they need the caffeine boost.

How did you get a start in the real-estate industry?

Being the first of five kids and the son of a sports doctor, I never had a big brother to mentor me or educate me on a career in business. I do remember my older cousin telling me tales of his massive residential deals with tower developments in Manhattan and San Francisco.

His stories inspired me - not just the end result, but the art of the deal itself. I now work in commercial real estate, and specialize in representing land and building owners in sale or the joint venture of their property.

You chose to wear the Hardy Brentford in Vintage Honey for this photoshoot, how do they work with your style?

Well they’re a classic shoe, but with a modern fit and a deep brown colour. I feel like it plays to my own style so it was an easy first choice.



How did you start working with Alfred

My good friend Matt Young had an opportunity to grow an existing company through an introduction I’d given him, but Matt decided it needed to be done better. So he asked me to help and we’ve been growing Alfred ever since. The growth was easy for us because Alfred is an answer to a question we both had in our own lives, which is to save time so you can do what matters. Let’s be honest, no one likes to do errands.

Matt and I are both so busy that we never had time to do the simple things that keep your day-to-day on track. Alfred bridges that gap–simply working around your schedule instead of a business schedule makes the idea simple and easy, but most importantly affordable. This is easily transferable to anyone: A single parent who wants more time with their kids, a partner at a law firm who wants to grow their practice, a police officer who is working nights and wants to spend his free time with his family. Everyone has priorities whether it be their family, career, or hobby. Alfred just saves the time of those pesky errands.

Do you feel accomplished at this stage in your career?

Well it’s hard because I don’t considering myself too accomplished yet. I understand that “action is the real intelligence” so as long as I keep moving and growing I know that I will accomplish goals along the way. I understand that failure is a necessity for growth. I just truly enjoy building something which is an opportunity I have had with my practice at Colliers and Alfred.

What's your favorite thing about Toronto?

The individual neighbourhoods. It’s amazing to see how unique each neighbourhood can be. The people, the shops, the restaurants, the families - and the style! I lived in West Queen West and just moved to a tri-plex at Bloor & Ossington, and I will be moving to Roncesvalles/Dundas West to a new development in two years. I love all three neighbourhoods for different reasons. It’s truly a great feeling to see the contrast of each one. I love that Toronto is subjectively and objectively multicultural.

Tell us what you like about the People Footwear sneakers.

They are insanely light and super comfortable. I love the contrast of the colour - those People people are smart. It’s like they’ve made the perfect sneaker for everything.

Did any of these shoe styles change the way you see your look?

The People Phillips, I don’t wear a lot of sneakers except for athletic shoes, but they were so easy to style and felt comfortable. They're also a nice contrasting piece to dark jeans.

What do you think about the Richer Poorer sock styles?

I have to say these socks really surprised me. I have always been turned off by the sock game in a good suit. I thought the style was tacky and didn’t look right. But the Richer Poorer designs have a tasteful and clean style. Something that could go with any full colour suit.

Favourite look of the three?

Probably the Wolverine 1000 Mile boots and jeans. I feel like that’s my unofficial uniform. Some kind of athletic shirt, a nice fitting sweater, jeans that are comfortable and a good jacket. Most importantly, boots that fit comfortably and look good. I can only imagine how great these boots will look as they’re worn in. The colour and the feel will only get better with age.

List three wardrobe essentials every gentleman should own.

1. A tailored navy suit. 

2. A great pair of oxfords, like the Hardy Brentfords

3. A wool winter jacket because, well...Canada. 

The Great Debate
is happening right now, how do you like to rep your city: TDOT or The 6? 

Well I always say T.O. but having Drake as an ambassador to our city has done nothing but great things for Toronto. He brought The 6 into the spotlight so I’m good with whatever he says. Toronto is fortunate to have Drake as our own so let’s go with The 6.

What inspires style more, real people features or stylized editorials?

Hands down real people features – this is why street style has become so popular, Pitti Uomo and all these style bloggers. As much as it has become cliché, they are still people wearing every day clothes with their own touch - their piece. 

The consumer wants to visualize or even dream what they they might look like, so seeing little bits of yourself in others makes the piece much more real. Remember - everyone loves to buy but not everyone loves to be sold to.

What do you think your next purchase on will be?

Probably a good pair of black oxfords. The Hardy Brentford in Vintage Honey are so well made that I would be lying if I said I didn’t want the same pair from this shoot in black.



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