SHOES.COM unveils Canada's Footwear Trend Report of 2015. Our findings reveal lots of interesting facts and statistics when it comes to Canada's footwear habits, including: the city which spent the most on shoes, the most popular type of shoe and the provinces with the biggest and smallest foot size.  

This year, Canadians purchased more boots than any other type of footwear. With snow, ice, frost and rain to deal with in most provinces, this finding definitely makes sense. From hiking in the mountains and taking on the city streets, boots are a must for Canadian winters. In contrast with this finding, our second best-selling type of shoes in Canada were sandals. While our winters may be cold, our summers are just as warm—meaning that comfortable sandals we can take from the lake to the beach are essential. 

Active footwear came in close behind sandals. After all, if we aren't trekking up the mountain in our hiking boots, we are pounding the trails or the streets in our runners. In last place came slippers—proving that Canadians much prefer being in the great outdoors playing and exploring to staying indoors. 

Another interesting statistic in the footwear trend report highlighted that Cyber Monday (November 30th) was actually more successful than Black Friday with SHOES.COM selling 36,196 pairs of shoes across all three of its footwear platforms. Overtaking Black Friday just three days earlier, it would seem that Cyber Monday is growing in popularity with online customers.

Out of every city in Canada, Victoria on Vancouver Island in British Columbia spent the most money on shoes per capita by quite a large divide. Coming in at $3.62 per capita, Victoria was followed—though not closely—by Vancouver at $1.31 and Calgary at $0.91. Toronto and Ottawa spent the least on footwear in 2015, coming in at $0.65 per capita.

As we’ve already seen, boots are by far the most popular footwear type for women in Canada. When it comes to brands in particular, it’s obvious that we value quality, comfort and style in equal measures. Steve Madden's Nyrvana boot wins the popularity contest closely followed by Canadian favourite, Cougar Boots’ Connect, Aertex’s Chelsea, Kork Ease’s Velma and Pika’s Tall Classic Suede Mukluks

When it comes to our footwear behaviour from coast to coast, some interesting findings were apparent. While the West coast cities had a tendency to purchase local brands such as Native and People Footwear, rain boots were also a must. 

Casual footwear such as Keds and Minnetonka were popular choices for women on the East coast while a trusty pair of snow boots such as Santana's Melitas were also essential.

Despite the popularity of fall and winter footwear, summer footwear was the second most popular purchase for Canadians in 2015. The Birkenstock Gizeh was one of our top sellers for the year with both the West and East coasts feeling the heat this summer. 

For men on the West coast, local brands once again got the love while both East and West coast men shared a passion for Blundstones as well as classic styles like Converse