Time wanes as the summer sun blazes overhead. The office is a cool oasis from the outside heat. Shoes are everywhere. This place is full of footwear of all sizes, colours and styles, ready to fit the foot of the right woman, man or child. 

Every day our team sits at their desks, committed to the ongoing Crush. Such is the name of our workflow. The ongoing process from various parts moving in unison, working together for the common goal, the vision, the #dream: To bring Canadians the footwear they deserve. Such is the life of Such is our day. Such is our struggle. 

As Audit Team Lead, I felt it necessary for us to divulge favorite styles to our visitors and customers. Why shouldn't we? We would not be here if we did not love what we sold. I sent out an e-mail to the team requesting a link to their favorite style. The response I received was nothing short of spectacular. I love my job. 

WIthout further ado, I present to you, dear website visitor and customer, ShoeMe Staff Picks of the Week Volume

1. This week boasts shoes from the collections of Sperry Top-Sider, Chinese Laundry and Cat Footwear

Leah : Chinese Laundry Women's Lucky Charm


A two tone high heeled sandal with an orange strap. Classy with a comforting colour, the Chinese Laundry Women's Lucky Charm has the right idea. Elegant without going overboard, this is the shoe of for the classy and bright summer woman. Truly charming.

Eva : Cat Footwear Women's Jazmyne

"I love this shoe: it makes me think of summer and music festivals with its playful fringe! The warm slate grey colour on the Jazmyne is also a perfect complement to all of the bright colours we love to wear in the summer." - Eva

Hartej : Sperry Top-Sider Men's Jamestown Oxford

Casual elegance with a hint of raw ruggedness. The Jamestown is a shoe for the man. A real man. Wear this when you must wear something with some rough-around-the-edge classiness. It's the summer night oxford, and will impress her when you take her to walk on the boardwalk. 

Thank you for looking at our staff picks this week!  

Audit Team Lead