Nothing says adventure quite like a good ol' fashioned road trip. Throw out the map and hit the open road. There is nothing more thrilling than packing our bags and embarking on an unscripted adventure with the windows down, music cranked and a couple of friends in the backseat to enjoy the ride. We’re forging our own path and letting our journey unfold.

We recently followed brand ambassador and bonafide adventurer, Katie Goldie, as her and her friends road tripped it through Oregon and Washington.  Check out her first hand account of chasing waterfalls and night kayaking beneath a sky lit by fireworks.


My good friend Karan and I planned a week long road trip from California up to Washington and back down the coast. Obviously, I was interested as I have always wanted to further explore these places and completely jumped in on it. We had a crew of five of us and the only person I knew was Karan. These types of trips can either be the best or the worst, however this particular road trip ended up being flipped on the positive side of the coin.




I met the crew in Sacramento where they rolled up with what looked like a five year expedition of gear in the trunk. I was soon summoned to the floor seat due to the lack of room.  We didn’t even even get a proper introduction because the entire car looked exhausted already from the long day of driving and hitting Yosemite before they arrived for me.

Three things soon became apparent: 1. This was going to be a long week of sleeping in a car very uncomfortably. 2. Fig Bars were a new staple in my diet. 3. I would probably die of laughter before the end of the trip.


gamesbeginThe first morning arrived very quickly. In fact, six hours from when they picked me up we had driven through the night and woke up to Crater Lake where Karan was convinced we would have to snowshoe 5 miles to find the lake. Good thing I brought my waterproof Timberland Boots. The weather was horrible, so we opted for sleep over the non-existent sunrise. We soon found out that the lake was a 2 min walk from the car. It was a great discovery. We packed up and left Crater Lake after playing with the local grey jays that landed in our hands. Then, we went off to find some waterfalls.



Oregon was in no short supply of waterfalls. We spent a few days in Hood River snow shoeing and chasing waterfalls along the Columbia River Gorge. I have never met a more fun group. We made jokes and found new ways to entertain ourselves the entire week. Now, looking back I really miss the spirit of our crew.



We spent New Years in Seattle. I had some friends that wanted me to visit and the rest of my current crew wanted to take in some of the night life. We made a joint decision to meet up at 1am and drive to Cannon Beach that night after bringing in the New Year. I found myself cheering with the crowds while kayaking in view of the Space Needle as it lit up with Fireworks. We went back to the house armed with tater tots and chicken nuggets. I waited for Karan at my Seattle friend’s house also dying of laughter as we played games around the living room. Soon Karan picked me up and I had to say the bittersweet goodbyes. It was nice that my Timberland hiking boots also doubled as on the town boots for the New Year Events.


The next day we found ourselves at Cannon Beach. It was mind blowing! The warm air welcomed us and the rocks in the ocean were so new to me. We spent the sunset shooting and playing on the beach. It was perfect. I switched to my Birkenstock Sandals to let the cool ocean air welcome my toes.

Our trip was rushing to an end so quickly. We didn’t even have time for the Red Woods like we had originally planned. We continued to stop along the coast and had a final dinner together. My favorite, Burritos. An amazing road trip for the books yet again.


Be sure to follow Katie and Karan to see what new adventures they get up to