We won't deny the fact that we have been patiently waiting for winter to end and for spring to fully blossom. I don't know about you, but we need a little light in our lives and our wardrobes. Yeah, we know that Winter isn't technically over—but that doesn't mean that we can't dream and get ready for spring, because we are ready folks (sorry winter lovers). We are officially breaking up with winter and starting our love affair with a new season—one that is warmer, full of bright flowers and the occasional bit of rain (we can't have it all people). It's time to tuck away our bulky winter boots and make room for some fun, new colourful spring styles.


All white everything. We've been bitten by the athleisure bug. We're adding some much needed light to our wardrobes with on-trend white sneakers.




Stay understated whislt making a big statement in these fresh, clean sneakers. Lighten up any look instantly and add a touch of casual trend to your wardrobe this spring.


Authentic is best. We're putting our laid-back foot first this season in these classic white Chucks.

It's true what they say - classics never fade. This season we're joining the cool kids on the block and rocking this retro underdog.

"Here's to that old school sneaker minimalism. Fresh all-white kicks for the win!" - Sabrina Briggeman, Fashion Buyer





Pictured above: Native "Apollo Moc" (left), Fashion Blogger @thehautepursuit in Suprega "Cotu Classic" and Vans "Classic Slip ons"


You may not think it's a big deal, but there's just something about the sole of a shoe—it has the ability to make a major impact. This is the season of the white sole. White soles have been popping up everywhere—on heels, oxfords and the always on-trend slip on. Don't be afraid to go bold and rock a colourful upper with a white sole, the options are limitless. 

Combine a little bit of that great '70s vibe we are seeing at the moment with a white bottomed sole and we have the perfect creation in the Nine West Winslit.


We're dressing up our look with these gorgeous perforated creations, complete with a patent cap toe to really set off our looks this spring.


There's nothing like a pop of colour to bring us instantly into spring. Add a white bottomed sole and we are immediatly on trend for the season ahead.