Jose & Markham shoes are made for men with discerning taste.  Their mission is to make the best handmade leather shoes on earth.  They want to make sure all the 'Men of Jose' have the highest available quality of product on their feet.  Jose & Markham are all about men's shoes, accessories, and a way of life. Cesar Baez arrived in Canada in 2009 and was determined not to rest until he had founded a line of men’s footwear.  In 2010, Cesar met Wade Salchert and David Lewis and shared his idea to create a shoe company. Together, the three new compadres started to forge a plan for what would become Jose & Markham.  The team travelled several times to Mexico, meeting with manufacturers and continuing to develop the business.  They designed 55 models of men’s shoes for their first Fall and Winter 2011 collection.  The crest in the Jose & Markham logo depicts three letters and a roman numeral: WDCMMXI: Wade, David, Cesar, 2011. On November 5th 2011, Jose & Markham was introduced to the world with the official launch of as well as the company’s flagship retail location in Winnipeg. Today, Jose & Markham continues to develop new and innovative footwear and accessories for men. The goal is to offer a line of timeless and distinctive products suited for modern men who expect world-class quality and value in their own lives and in the products they wear.