About Us


To constantly challenge, innovate and deliver new and better ways to shop.

About SHOEme.ca

SHOEme.ca is one of Canada’s fastest growing ecommerce companies. As well as offering more than 480 brands, we’re harnessing new technology and people-power to curate a refined collection of shoes.

A year ago, as part of our growth, we bought the American company SHOES.COM. In 2016, in an effort to fulfil our mission to constantly challenge, innovate and deliver new and better ways to shop, we will be consolidating the two businesses into one, easy-to-remember website: WWW.SHOES.COM. This will let us devote more time and resources towards providing comprehensive, curated collections and great service for all our guests across Canada and the U.S.

What can you count on us for?
  • To help you find shoes (and more) that you already know you love
  • To introduce you to new brands and shoes we think you’ll love
  • Shipping and return policies to make sure you get the right shoes for your feet
  • Friendly service from our Style & Care team, to make sure you’re happy AND stylish




The SHOES.COM family begins in 1996 with OnlineShoes.com and a belief that buying shoes should easy and fun. OnlineShoes.com is the first online footwear retailer in the U.S.



Soon after its launch, SHOES.COM quickly becomes one of the world’s largest footwear websites for everything from work, to walking and sports.



SHOEme.ca becomes Canada’s first premium shoe retailer to operate exclusively online. Inspiration comes from a conversation between founder Sean Clark and his wife, who is frustrated by the lack of quality Canadian websites selling shoes. After investigating further, Sean discovers that his wife is right (again) and that many Canadians feel the same way.


Uniting the family

Hardy Capital, spearheaded by Roger Hardy, purchases SHOEme.ca along with OnlineShoes.com and SHOES.COM. The three websites are united as the SHOES.COM family.


Our growing family

Today, SHOES.COM has more than 350 employees, with head offices in Vancouver and Seattle, and fulfillment centers in Toronto and Ohio. We offer a selection of more than 500 brands, and successfully serve more than 8 million customers across the U.S. and Canada.


In the neighbourhood

In 2016, we'll be opening retail stores in select cities in Canada and the U.S. The stores will highlight revolving collections, featuring new brands and top sellers.

The executive team at SHOES.COM reunites proven leaders with a track record of working together to drastically improve the online marketplace.

Roger Hardy, CEO and CO-FOUNDER

Known as Canada’s ecommerce king, Roger is a seasoned entrepreneur with 15 years’ experience founding and building successful technology companies. Most notably, Roger was the founder and CEO of Canada’s largest ecommerce company, Coastal Contacts, which sold in 2014 for $450 million. Today, Roger and the SHOES.COM team are applying this same winning ecommerce formula to footwear and apparel. As CEO, Roger has propelled the SHOES.COM business from a company of fifteen employees generating $8 million annually to an online footwear empire employing over six hundred people across North America and generating over $300 million in annual revenue. Under Roger’s leadership, SHOES.COM is well-positioned to become North America’s next major disruptor in the footwear and apparel category.

Sean Clark, CRO and CO-FOUNDER

In 2012, Sean Clark founded SHOEme.ca in his parents’ Dunbar basement. In three short years, Sean propelled the business from a one man start-up to a company employing over 600 people and projecting $1 billion in revenue by 2019. As SHOES.COM’s Chief Revenue Officer, Sean has focused his time and energy on driving the vision and direction of the company as it seeks to carve out its leadership position in the North American online footwear market. Prior to this, Sean worked for Coastal Contacts Inc., the world's largest online optical company. Sean holds an MBA from the University of British Columbia, and in 2015, was named one of Business in Vancouver's Top Forty under 40.

Dominic Uy, CTO

Dominic Uy has over 15 year of experience in Ecommerce and Technology Leadership, with expertise in marketing, sales, logistics, operations, and customer service. Prior to Joining SHOES.COM as the CTO, he was the CIO and Director of Information Technology at Coastal Contacts Inc. where he successfully architected and implemented robust solutions that scaled with the rapid growth of the organization. He was also a founder for several successful technology startups in Vancouver. Dominic is a graduate from BC Institute of Technology.

Geoff Henshaw, VP of Marketing

As Vice-President of Brand and Retail, Geoff oversees the brand strategy for the entire SHOES.COM family, including OnlineShoes.com, SHOES.COM, SHOEme.ca and our collection of private label brands. Geoff draws on his experience as the Managing Director for Clearly Contacts’ Australian and New Zealand markets, where he invigorated growth and profitability. His work there, focused on repositioning the company’s brand and opening retail stores in both markets which were recognized internationally. Geoff is also well-versed in the Canadian market, having worked with some of Canada’s most progressive brands, including Cossette, Bell Canada and A&W, as well as returning, after the completion of his MBA, to be a member of the Technology and Entrepreneurship teaching team at the University of British Columbia.

Quan Ralowski, VP of Operations

As the Vice President of Business Operations, Quan spearheads key initiatives that are consistent with the SHOES.COM overall strategy. She serves as a key member of the executive team that sets the company’s strategic direction while being a driving force in the development of work ethic, culture and values. Quan brings her extensive experience in Project Management and understanding of ecommerce, retail, and technology, including, working with on and off-shore development, creative, and QA teams. Prior to her work at SHOES.COM, She successfully managed multi-million dollar capital projects for Microsoft, Nordstrom and ecomm site, Bag, Borrow or Steal. Quan also strongly believes in giving back to her community and is co-chair of fundraising for King County chapter of PanCan.org and committee member for the Urban League of Metropolitan Seattle.